Solo exhibition at the ‘Faces of the Megapolis’ 2012

Solo exhibition at the ‘Faces of the Megapolis’ project

This exhibition, which was part of the ‘Faces of the Megapolis’ project, was part of the Moscow Science Festival 12-14 October 2012. The exhibition was held in the ‘fundamental’ library of the Moscow State University, Lomonosovsky Prospect 27.

I was invited to exhibit some of my paintings of Moscow by MSU lecturer Dr. Olga Zinovieva. Supplied with a fantastic pentagon-shaped hall to fill with my paintings, I selected 18 Moscow scenes, including some from the forthcoming ‘Moscow Nights’ exhibition, plus Pierre Konchalevsky’s portrait.

The opening ceremony was unusual, in that it took the form of a lecture. I prepared a short Power Point presentation called ‘My Journey’ about my life; talked about why I came to Russia and about my paintings. A question and answer session followed, and difficult questions were asked: ‘what is creativity?’ one person asked, ‘what is the relationship between science and art’ another asked. Time passed very quickly. Thank you Dr Zinovieva and MSU.

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