John Harrison

I was brought up in London in the 1950s. I studied intermittently at Camberwell and St. Martins colleges of Art in the early 1970s, specialising in fine art, then worked in London for a few years as a graphic designer, freelance illustrator, and a cab driver. The 1980s were adventurous times, and I decided to travel to two countries which were closed to us all — the Soviet Union and China. To do this, I studied Russian and Chinese and somehow managed to win a British Council scholarship at a Moscow language institute (MSLU) from 1982-3. This was followed by a year long student exchange from 1983-4. I moved to Moscow in 1986 and worked as an artist, writer and teacher, interspersed with working visits to China.

This site presents a selection of my paintings, drawings and graphics created since 1970.

Prints are available of all the artwork on this site. Please contact me on: harrisonj@admin

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