Paintings and drawings



Krimsky Val Oil on Canvas. 60 x 80 cm. Moscow 2012


Academicheskaya. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm. 2006


Taganskaya. Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm. 2008


Skaters at Patriashi Prudy. Acrylics on canvas. 50 x 40 cm. 2009


Dvorik na Sadovaya Kudrinskaya. Oils on canvas. 70 x 60. 2008.


Patriashy Prudi in Summer. 60 x 35 cm. Oil on canvas. 2006
Pyatnitskaya. Acrylics on card. 40 x 30 cm. 2008


Ulitsa Shvernika. Oil on canvas. 100 x 100 cm. 1989. SOLD


Sokol Fire Station. 70 x 100cm, oils on canvas, Moscow 2011


Metro VDNK. Acrylics on board, 70 x 50 cm. 2011


Teply Stan. Oil on canvas. 80 x 40. 2004


Balotnaya Ploschad. Oil on card. 51 x 71. 1991


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  1. Appears to be a very deep and interesting artist. The drawings convey the sense of Moscow we know from TV and books, but there is a “my town” quality about them. He is putting down what he knows so that the images do not seem foreign. A very brave and touching style.

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