Being Local

I was brought up in London in the 1950s and enjoyed all that the 60s and 70s had to offer. After an art school education which, much to my regret, I did not complete, I studied Russian and Chinese at university in London. My goals were to go to these two countries, which were closed at the time as I was fascinated by their cultures. I have spent over 25 years studying and working in Russia and 6 in China.

I am a creative person and have simultaneously pursued three careers; firstly in writing and journalism, secondly in painting and thirdly in teaching. My journalism career culminated in ’Editor-in-Chief’ positions of English language magazines in Russia, which were focused on cultural and lifestyle themes. I have also engaged in broadcasting.

I am fortunate to have witnessed the evolution of both Russia and China, like life, which is continuing loud and strong. My experiences in both countries have led me to feel that their cultures probably play a larger part in determining their politics than we Westerners have fully realised. I am not saying anything unusual now I think in stressing that to understand either country you have to get inside the local culture. My writing and painting is all about local being local. I hope you enjoy this site. 

Prints can be bought of all the artwork.

John Harrison 21.8.19